X-ray view, full cutaway gneric four door vehicle

Full x-ray view of a generic four door sedan.

Beau Daniels and Alan Daniels create x-ray automotive illustrations, from stock vehicle illustrations, cutaway, ghosted, phantom, exploded and x-ray views, to stock engines, front suspensions, rear suspensions, transmissions, small parts, ignition systems, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, cv joints, disk brakes, drum brakes, electrical system components, interior parts, concept drawings and diagrams. Full x-ray vehicle cutaways, individual car operating systems such as, drive line, climate control or HVAC, electrical, suspension, braking, interior, exterior, and sheet metal. Our illustrated elements will help you add style to your business, marketing, and personal design projects, from web sites to advertising campaigns. We deliver high quality hi-resolution illustration via our ftp or Dropbox accounts. This series of a generic cutaway vehicle is available for purchase as a rights managed image, either as a single operating system, a whole collection, or an interactive animation.